• One of the best things to do in Bermuda: visit the Town of St. George

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    Beautiful Bridge House in the Town of St. George.

    Bridge House, St. George’s

    I hear so often that St. George’s is not one of the things to do in Bermuda. Or, it is boring. Or, there is nothing to do here. Yet, after doing one of my tours the response is usually: “We wish we did your tours days ago.” “Wow, we had so much fun. We will definitely see you again when we return to Bermuda.” “I did not know all this was here in St. George’s.” — this was a comment from a local.

    One of the definite things to do in Bermuda: Meet it’s people

    As a tour ambassador in the Town of St. George we are expected to focus on the Town’s UNESCO status. This is fine and good. But, when I walk around it is the people that are talking. They are the culture and spirit of the Town. These are my friends and neighbours. I am, afterall, a native St. Georgian.

    Things to do in Bermuda. Enjoy live music.

    Musicians performing in the Town Square

    So many visitors merely wander around the Town with their heads in their self-guided tours isolated in their thoughts. Nothing wrong with this since I have done my share of exploring while travelling. Sometimes, you just need to “press the flesh”. Come in contact with the culture away from the “usual” tourist areas.   The Square busy with visitors seeking things to do in Bermuda-or St. George’s Yes, it will cost you a bit, but CedarTours is my job. A girl’s got to eat and be merry:-) Not too often our guests get to explore some of the historical private homes, or try some local food from one of the eateries a little off the beaten track. Definitely one of the best things to do in Bermuda. Sometimes my guests just want to hang out. To do some of the things I like to do. Just the other day I sat off with a few visitors towards the end of the tour and enjoyed what was happening in the Square. I did my best to provide entertaining commentary. I love interacting with people. The visitors always comment that I seem to know everyone in the Town. I say that it is the other way around: everyone seems to know me.

    Spontaneity of my tours heightens things to do in Bermuda–or St. George’s

    As we are walking along my routes, I may see one of my mates working in his carpentry shop and I stop by. Just like that. It always tends to be fun and interactive. Or, someone else may gesture to me to stop by their place to chat with the guest. People here are that friendly. It really is so nice. Although the Town is historic, it’s the people, my friends and family and acquaintances  that bring it to life. I enjoy sharing my Town with you and am always discovering new things and learning new things. What’s embarassing is that I really did not know much about my Town of St. George despite being born here. It was by chance that I got into the walking tour business. I even got my tour guide certification. But, what a chance. I love it so much. With all this being said, I definitely look forward to sharing with you one of the best things to do in Bermuda–a CedarTours walking tour of course. Request a walking tour   PS. The Department of Tourism’s website is a great resource of things to do in Bermuda PPS. Destiny Water Tours is a great award winning glass bottom boat tour

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  1. Phil & Sheryl says:

    We also took Penelope’s tour. It was great. You learn about the historical facts and other interesting information, but more fun and interesting is meeting Penelope’s friends and neighbors….the real people that make St Georges the wonderful place that it is. I guarantee that you will have a fun time passing thevmorningbwith Penelope.