• Welcome to CedarTours Bermuda Walking Tours

    Posted on November 24, 2012 by in Things to do in St. George's, Walking Tours


    Welcome one and all to CedarTours Bermuda’s walking tours. As your Bermuda walking tours ambassador my goal is to provide you a memorable experience that you will never forget and share with your family and friends as we walk through the UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific Cultural Organization) World Heritage Town of St. George. Be prepared to wear comfortable walking shoes and bring your camera. Come and join me. It should be fun so “c’mon and let’s go for a walk!!”

    Facebook is a good way to share CedarTours with you all–be sure to “Like Us”. I hope that if you are interested in a walk in the Town of St. George I figured that this would be a good way to  connect with you and this way the rest of your family and friends can get involved in finding about us CedarTours. Then all of you can stop by St. George’s, Bermuda and go for walking tours with me.

    Twitter is all about communicating back and forth about CedarTours and the possibilities of wanting go for  walking tours in the Town of St. George with me. So if you want to join in on the conversation you are more than welcomed to do so. The walking tour is worth it. C’mon with me and lets experience the walk together.

    Emails are a good way to get in contact with me to go for walking tours in the Town of St. George. When you want to make an appointment and get an immediate response for a walk or to change an appointment for whatever reason this is your opportunity to do so.  Also, if I want to contact one or more persons at a time this is good for me as well. But CedarTours welcomes you no matter what way you decide to connect us.  The important thing is that I sincerely hope you will come for a walk with me.

    So “c’mon and let’s go for a walk!!” … your walking tours ambassador, Penelope.