• Yes, there are dogs in Bermuda…and I am always walking in Bermuda

    Posted on November 4, 2012 by in Things to do in St. George's, Walking Tours

    Apart from my walking tours, I love waking in Bermuda, for CedarTours (of course), you know I love to walk and am always walking. I feel that it is good for my health. It helps me when I need to collect myself when I am feeling stressed, out or just a form of relaxation.

    Walking in Bermuda

    I know that people see me out there walking and some think that I enjoy it a whole lot (which is true) but the fact is I don’t always have that feeling. Sometimes I simply have to change things up a bit with running, swimming and cycling.

    Walking from my home to the airport is rewarding when it comes to losing weight. I don’t like dieting. I love eating everything–hence the reason for so much walking.

    What I like about walking in Bermuda is that I sometimes see people and don’t see them. That is based on whether or not I wear my glasses. Otherwise they have to be right up on me waving as they drive buy. It is funny when I bump into people on the street and they say that they saw me on my walk and they spoke and I didn’t speak which is because I didn’t see them. “Sorry guys I just don’t always see you”. To anyone that sees me out there walking I don’t wear my glasses, so don’t get offended by this. I am focused on where I am going while I walk. “Hi, to you from here in St. George’s, Bermuda”.

    Lulu–the cute dog walking in Bermuda

    It is fun sometimes walking and I am going to tell you about a girly dog named “Lulu”. She is the little black dog who goes walking on the Causeway with her owner Pam (close to our airport in Bermuda). Pam takes her dog out just about every Sunday for her walk and gets in her exercise the same time.

    I walked up to Pam who on the causeway and explained to her that when I go for a walk with visitors (which I call my friends) one of the most frequent questions asked is “do you have dogs on the Island?”

    I am always amazed by this question. I had asked Pam if I could video tape her along with her dog Lulu. Well, check out the video below.

    Lulu preformed as if she was on an interview of her own. It was such a delight to be able to videotape her and Pam as they walked together. Lulu just barked her way on as they walked away.

    The best thing about going for a walk is that I can talk about my experiences that I face from day to day and share them with you. Just about every Sunday I’m walking and it seems like I am finding something interesting that I can talk about each time out.

    During the weekdays I am the CedarTours walking tour ambassador in the Town of St. George. Come go walking in Bermuda with me. I would love to have you join me as we walk in the better part Bermuda–the Eastern end of the island, St. George’s.